Your security is our priority

Security first. We take comprehensive measures
to protect your cryptocurrency.
Security first. We take comprehensive measures to protect your cryptocurrency.
Crypto Storage
Cutting edge technology in combing hot and cold wallet storage
Dynamic allocation between hot and cold wallet through a hybrid method of AI and dedicated risk management experts
Independent cold storage in different geographical locations
Use HSM and store private keys in multi-signature cards
KYC means Know Your Customer, the mandatory process of identification and verification of the identity of a customer when opening an account
The aim of KYC is to safeguard our clients and to prevent identity theft, money laundering, terrorists financing, fraud or other financial crimes
Despite the fact that Crypto is largely unregulated currently, we strive to establish trust and earn confidence from clients
The KYC process requires proof of identity, proof of address and other relevant documents for verification
Account Security
Administrative access, including change of password and withdrawal are protected by Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
MFA includes phone, email, password, authenticator and biometric verification
Auto detection and alerts of abnormal activities
Infrastructure Security
Application and website data is transmitted over encrypted connections (https)
Rate limit a number of actions on the application and site
Protection against SQL injection, XSS, DDoS etc

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